Rugby and Football Training

North Bay Rugby Club is interested in forming a working relationship with all local high school and youth football programs. We believe that playing rugby greatly benefits athletes who also play football as well as other sports.  Additionally, as our club pulls athletes from across the North Bay area, your players will also benefit from working and training with players from multiple programs.

As football and rugby seasons do not overlap with each other, rugby can be used as an extension of your current training regimen.  Rugby starts after the end of the local high school and youth football seasons.

We welcome players of ALL AGES and ALL ABILITIES (U8 through U18).  No previous rugby experience is required which makes it an ideal complimentary sport.

How will rugby benefit football players 

  • Players acquire great conditioning and skills - after our winter and spring seasons they arrive to your first practice fit and ready just in time for the start of your football season.
  • After your football season, your players go into our spring session: and continue conditioning and skills training.
  • Skills and attributes acquired:

o   Excellent conditioning - every player runs a lot! If a player is trying to reach a weight goal; this will assist greatly.

o   Ball handling/catching/passing/evasion skills. EVERY player handles the ball.

o   An understanding and vision of moving the ball, anticipation and spatial awareness.

o   Footwork is a key component to playing any sport (football: particularly lineman) and rugby's open play promotes footwork as well as fitness and tackling (as discussed).

o   Other similar skills/attributes that are developed: intensity, athleticism, team-work, character, creativity.

o   And, importantly; safer tackling methods! In rugby one CANNOT tackle with the head. Players learn to properly use their shoulder to drive into the tackle, and wrapping arms & driving through the tackle with legs. This tackling technique will complement the HEADS UP methods you are probably currently using, to help reduce the risk of CONCUSSIONS. Rugby will naturally instill these new skills.

  • Our coaching staff (all USA Rugby certified) can present the rugby-tackle method to your teams at your practices.

How can we help each other? 

  • Invite our coaches to attend a practice night (near end of season) to allow a quick introduction to rugby, what we can do and how it can help your players.
  • Host a demo game in front of your practice squad.
  • We could have a combined rugby practice (basics).
  • Reciprocal email broadcast and recruitment to all your members as well as our families.
  • Mandate that rugby be part of the off and pre-season training.

Further Resources

  • Rugby makes Football safer: TV commentary during NCAAF game OSU vs CAL here.
  • Successful NFL/Rugby players include: Haloti Ngata, Stewart Bradley, Johnson Bademosi, Hayden Smith, Steve Paea and Nate Ebner.
    1. Haloti Ngata feature: playing rugby (18 yrs old): see here.
    2. Haloti and Stu Bradley feature: how rugby helps football: see here.
    3. Hayden Smith interview: see here.
  • THE RUGBY CASE: a crossover sporting opportunity for all football players during the off-season. Please view our power-point argument here.
  • Article by Alex Goff (Gridiron Coach "It's a whole new ball game") - How rugby makes better football players. See here.
  • Article by Lyle J. Micheli MD, American College of Sports Medicine: Is rugby a safe sport for America's youth? See here.
  • Football helmets overlooked a piece of the concussion puzzle: view video here.
  • USA Rugby link here

    Thank you for your time. Let us know if you have any questions,